Smile makeover

Our smile makeover service, which we provide at our dental clinic, is for anyone who wishes to enhance the look of their smile. This can range from simple alterations through to a highly bespoke complete makeover to revitalise your teeth and create a beautiful smile.

As your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, the value of a good one that leaves a positive, lasting impression, can’t be overstated. By improving your smile, you simultaneously have a permanent, positive impact on your confidence and self-esteem.

We help you reach your perfect smile dream by using a combination of two or more individual restorative and/or cosmetic dentistry techniques, such as veneersbondingwhitening, and gum re-contouring.

Some of the issues a smile makeover can fix include missing teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth, and gaps between teeth. If you want to fix problems like these with your teeth, then book in for a smile design consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist at our clinic.

As every patient is different, no two smile makeovers are the same. Therefore, we don’t use a one size fits all template approach when designing smiles. We assess your individual needs and personalise your treatment plan accordingly.

At your appointment at our dental clinic, our cosmetic dentist will assess which of the latest dental treatments is right for your new smile. We will outline what each treatment type involves and what the benefits are, and happily answer any questions you have.

Your current smile will be analysed by examination and digital photography, and then, having agreed on what changes to make as part of  the smile makeover, a dental technical laboratory will create vax model of the new look, that you will be able to try on in your mouth, evaluate and correct.

This process ensures you are completely happy with the desired changes and we can make sure the changes are in complete harmony with your jaws and joints. It also means you will have a predictable end result with your final smile. Once you are happy with the model, you can then see it recreated in your mouth.

At your consultation we will tell you how many appointments you’ll require to implement your smile makeover treatment plan. If you need fast results in time for a special occasion, this is possible to do.

Because of our personalised approach to a smile makeover, the cost of it varies from patient to patient, depending on the number and type of individual treatments that comprise the complete treatment plan.

At your initial consultation, and having agreed with you what exactly you would like to achieve for your smile, we will be able to give a specific price and also to outline our payment options.