Dental Hygiene

Our dental hygienist service, available at our dental clinic, will improve your oral health and maintain a brighter whiter smile. Our experienced hygienist will professionally clean all of your teeth, remove staining and ensure healthy teeth and gums for life. You will also be provided with oral hygiene education, dietary and nutrition advice and bad breath advice to help you maintain your mouth in tip top condition all the time.

 Dental hygiene treatments include:
  • Classic scale and polish (ultrasonic and/or hand scaling)
  • Deep clean tailored for treating periodontal gum disease
  • Smokers stain removal
  • Teeth whitening

Here at the Agenskalna Dental Clinic, we believe that regular hygiene visits are crucial to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and any advanced dentistry we may have provided for you such as dental implants.

Your teeth are held in place by a supporting structure made up of your gums, the underlying bone and ligament that surrounds each tooth root. In order for you to maintain health teeth and gums, all of these structures must be kept as healthy as possible.

Several studies have observed links between poor oral hygiene and coronary disease and diabetes. Other studies showed that women with gum disease were more likely than those with healthy gums to deliver preterm, low birth weight babies.

By maintaining healthy gums we reduce the risk of bacteria entering into our bodies. If your gums bleed when you brush of floss, then it is highly likely that some of this bacteria will enter your bloodstream therefore optimal gum health is vital to your overall well being and general health also.

During a visit to our dental practice, the hygienist will examine your gum health and advise/carry out the most suitable type of treatment. This can range from basic oral hygiene instruction and removal of tartar or more advanced periodontal treatment which aims to reduce/eliminate bone loss. Either way, a plan will be tailor made for you and discussed with you before treatment commences.